Safeguard Your PC from Browser Hijacker

Share Button is regarded as an annoying browser hijacker caused by some adware or potentially unwanted programs/toolbars (such as Webswitch). Once the adware/PUP breaks into your computer, you will find is landing itself as you open your browser. This site is pretended as a genuine search provider that offers browsing functions such as the links to some famous sites – YouTube, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, etc.


However, can corrupt all the most common used browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer by changing your homepage, default search aggregator, and new tab settings. It also hosts a custom search engine that can be used to track your search terms. Besides, this nasty browser hijacker may insert registry keys in Windows and prevent you from manually employing services other than those of

Computer users infected with this browser hijacker may experience an abundance of ads on pages they favor and could be suggested to install potentially harmful software via pop-up windows during their Internet session. Please don’t click the ads or links that appear doubtfully on the sites about which is created to generate web traffic and gain online profits by helping advertisers display targeted marketing content. Apart from that, it may use some cookies to collect your online traces or personal information for unethical marketing.

Therefore, it is annoying and even risky to have this browser hijacker in your computer. Once you will this browser hijacker taking over your computer, you should take immediate actions to deal with it.

Please Note: usually comes bundled with free applications from the internet, such as free software, videos, and system utilities. If you download and install these free applications by just clicking on the Next or Accept button during installation setup you may agree to install the and other unknown toolbars. So please pay more attention on your online activity and always be thoughtful and careful when you install something. On the other hand when you install something you want, you should first choose Advanced or Custom installation to take start deselect anything that is not familiar to you.

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