The benefits by using Norwex laundry detergent

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Do you know that most laundry detergents are not healthy? Many laundry detergents may work well to make your clothes look clean. But, you should consider the chemicals contained in the detergent. The silicon compounds that are found in many brand names of detergent can cause asthma and other respiratory issues. The sodium polyacrylate and peg-75 are ingredients are also related to cancer and DNA damage. If you really consider your health, you may think that it is better wearing your dirty clothes than covered them with the harmful chemicals that are listed above. Norwex Laundry Detergent  comes as solution. It is greatly concentrated. For each load, you may only need around 0.5 – 2 teaspoons. This detergent is also free from fragrances and fillers. You won’t find residue on your clothes or leave your clothes with unnatural odors.

These are the benefits that you will get by using laundry detergent from Norwex:

It has no fillers or fragrances so it is less static. You will have stain-free and clean fluffy clothes. The other laundry detergent can stay in your washing machine and clothes. It can cause problems to your washing machine and clothes. The detergent that coats you clothes sometimes can cause skin irritation. The residue on your clothes also traps bacteria in the fibers. For synthetic fabrics, they can start to smell again though they are just-washed.

If you have a top load machine, you just need to use 1-2 tablespoons of Norwex Laundry Detergent for each load. If you have front load machine, the amount required is lessened to 0.5 – 2 teaspoons for each load of laundry. If you investigate before buying washing machine, you may discover that a front load machine requires less detergent and water than the top load machine

It does not contain perfumes or fillers. It means that there will be no filler residues left on your washing machine or clothes. This is very great, especially for three reasons, such as:

The perfumes and fillers are commonly the cause skin sensitivities and allergic reactions.

The fillers that are left on your clothes will fade and tighten the fabric of your clothes. Your lovely black shirt will turn grayish and stretch out quickly. Your black shirt won’t be such a much loved anymore. But, Norwex Laundry Detergent will help to save your lovely clothes. It won’t do this to your favorite clothes.

The fillers contained in store brand laundry detergent can raise the amount of static that you will get when drying your clothes with the dryer. When drying your clothes on a clothesline, the residue of the filler will make your clothes crunchy. The norwex review detergent won’t leave any filler residue. Your clothes will be less static in your dryer. They are also less clumsy on the clothesline. You can add the Norwex Dryer Balls in your dryer for softer and fluffier clothes.

It is free from Phosphate.

This detergent is certified High Efficiency (HE). It means that it is great for both front and top load washers.

You can get rid of bad smell from your front load washer by using Norwex Laundry Detergent. The sludge that would rise inside the rubber seal will go away.

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