Urgent Care In Coral Gables

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What Is Urgent Care In Coral Gables?

An urgent care center is a type of clinic that provides care to patients who need immediate medical services. No appointment is required to visit an urgent care center. Urgent care centers are the best choice for people who have an illness or injury that is not life-threatening, but it needs to be treated immediately.

Cuts requiring stitches, sprains and broken bones are examples of some of the things that can be treated an urgent care center. You can also get treated for several illnesses at an urgent care center, such as the flu, allergies, bronchitis and mild asthma symptoms.

Benefits Of Choosing Urgent Care In Coral Gables Over The ER

Faster- If you go to the ER on a busy day, then you may have to wait for hours before you are seen by a physician. No one wants to wait for a long time to get treatment when they are not feeling well. One of the advantages that urgent care clinics have over the ER is that they are quicker.

In fact, you can be seen at an urgent care clinic within a few minutes of checking in. However, the wait time will depend on how busy the clinic is on the day that you go.

Cheaper-Anyone who has ever been to the emergency room will you that it is very expensive. In fact, a trip to the ER can easily cost over $1,000. If you need to get additional tests done while you are in the ER, then you can expect to pay even more money.

Urgent care centers will not only save you time, but they will also help save you money. Additionally, urgent care centers accept most types of insurance. If your insurance is accepted, then you will only have to pay a copay before you are seen by the doctor.

Quick Testing- In some cases, extra tests are necessary to make a diagnosis. Urgent care centers have their own on-site x-rays and laboratory services. Many of the tests that medical professionals in an emergency room perform can also be done at an urgent care center. Because testing can be performed quickly, this also means that you can be treated more quickly. You may even be able to get a prescription refill at an urgent care center.

Flexible Hours-Urgent care centers offer flexible hours. In fact, some urgent care centers are open when primary care doctor’s offices are closed. Because urgent care centers offer evening and weekend hours, they are the ideal choice for people who have very busy schedules. Many people can visit the urgent care center during their lunch hour and still get back to work in time

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